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In General
According to American Veterinary Association, people invested 7.83 billion dollars in pet's medical treatments in USA, 1998.
Compare this to 4.15 billion dollars in 1991, it increased almost twice as much in only these 7 years.
It is thought that the amount of money spent on the illness of cancer, the heart failure, and etc. was 1.5 billion dollars, which is about 20% of the total of medical treatment for pets.
The rates of the pets incidentally received medical treatment are 89% of dogs, 73% of cats, 66% of horses, and 16% of small birds. And 90% of the dog and little more than 70% of the cats visit veterinarian regularly.

According to national investigation by Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association, the dogs' life expectancy was 8.2 years and the cats' was 4.3 years in average in the Kanto District (Tokyo and surrounding prefectures) in 1983 through 1986.
But in 1994, both of them ware extended, to 10.7 years for the dogs and to 7.2 years for the cats.
The Association also reported that the death by cancer, the heart failure, and etc. increased from 50% to 62% and the death by the infectious disease conversely decreased to 25% from 48% in 1990 through 1994.
We might be able to say that life was extended to the age at which it is easy to become cancerous, because death by infectious diseases has decreased.

Off course you should take your pet to the veterinarian to treat diseases, but more important is for your pet to avoid getting sick in the first place.
Like a human being, his immune system is the key for their health.

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About Royal Pet Agaricus (RPA)®
Now, for the first time, we (cooperation with Natural Health Science Institute Inc.) developed an epoch-making supplement with Royal Agaricus® (see Royal Agaricus® and Scientific Evidence) for pets, designed to boost their immune systems and to combat diseases.

Here is an example study for pets with Royal Agaricus®.
According to the study done by Dr. Chikako Muranaka, presented at The 123rd Japan Veterinary Medicine Conference in 1997, the dogs that were treated with Royal Agaricus® showed remarkable resilience during radiation treatment.
One of the experiments, Dr. Muranaka divided a set of dogs suffering from cancer into two groups: one that treated with Royal Agaricus® and a control group without Royal Agaricus®.
The dogs with Royal Agaricus® treatment were given 0.1g of Royal Agaricus® per 1kg of bodyweight once a day starting 10 days before they were to undergo radiation therapy for cancer. Blood and immune system tests were conducted on timely basis 10 days before and 2 weeks after radiation therapy.

After two weeks from radiation therapy, the dogs in control group showed decrease in white blood cells and NK cells' activity (What is the NK cell?). In another hand, the dogs treated by Royal Agaricus® showed no signs of decrease in immune system activity.
As a results, Dr. Muranaka concluded that use of Royal Agaricus® may be helpful in maintain the immune system of animals during the radiation treatment for cancer.

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