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What Is The Immune System?
How Does Royal Agaricus® Work?
List Of Diseases We Have Clinical Data On, With Royal Agaricus®
Rare Pictures Of NK Activities
Pictures Of Breast Cancer, Treated Only By Royal Agaricus®

What Is The Immune System?
The immune system is responsible for a human body defense against diseases.
Natural Killer (NK) in the white blood cell is the first line of defense existing in the body. If the body's NK activity is low, it will become harder to fight the bacteria.
In laboratory tests, it is possible to see the bacteria (see Rare Pictures Of NK Activities) eaten by the NK cell.
If we take a drop of blood from a body, we normally will have approximately 100,000 NK cells.

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How Does Royal Agaricus® Work?
July 23-29 1995, The 9Th International Congress Of Immunology took place in San Francisco, California (US).
Dr. Ghoneum from Immunology Department at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) presented the research of Royal Agaricus®.
In one of the experiments, 2 mice with cancer were prepared (mouse A & B), and mouse-A was applied with Royal Agaricus®.
3 hours after Royal Agaricus® was applied, Natural Killer Cell (NK) in the mouse-A killed 57% of the cancer cell.
On the other hand, NK in the mouse-B (without Royal Agaricus®) killed only 2% of cancer cells.
In addition, researchers counted the number of NK in the mouse-A after Royal Agaricus® treatment, and they found 3 times more NK than before Royal Agaricus® was applied.

The result of mouse-A's NK activities, the number of NK increased 3 times and cancer cells killed 30 times than mouse-B's NK, means that the NK quality with Royal Agaricus® is 10 times higher than without it.
Therefore, Royal Agaricus® does not only support to gain the number of NK, but also increase NK quality.

In another experiment, 5% and 7% concentrate of Royal Agaricus® tea were directly applied to 130 million leukemia cells. In result, most of leukemia cells were destroyed after 48 hours.
Therefore, Royal Agaricus® has 2 effects: boost immune system tremendously (indirect effect) & kill cancer cells (direct effect).

In summary by Dr. Gohneum's research, Royal Agaricus® may aid in stimulating the body's natural production of immune cells (NK cells, macrophages, T-Cells). In other words, Royal Agaricus® helps to increase the number of immune cells in the body.
In addition, Royal Agaricus® seems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the immune cells. It means Royal Agaricus® appears to make each NK cell more powerful and capable of destroying foreign substances.

We will not list up all of the researches here. But in the end, Royal Agaricus® was summarized at the congress as "In conclusion, Royal Agaricus® could be considered as a potent biological response modifier for treatment of cancer".

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List Of Diseases We Have Clinical Data On, With Royal Agaricus®
In alphabetical order.

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Rare Pictures Of NK Activities
These microscopic pictures were taken during the research by our request, at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Immunology Department.
Natural Killer cell (NK) with Royal Agaricus® treatment is the small one on the right.
Cancer cell is the bigger one on the left.

NK recognizes a Cancer cell

NK attacks a Cancer cell

NK is destroying a Cancer cell

Destruction of a Cancer cell
As you know, the cancer cell is very powerful, and it's very hard to eliminate. And there are always possibilities of recurrence.
Most conventional therapies are Chemotherapy, Radiation-therapy, which are commonly known for severe side effects, or Surgery.
However, most of our cancer patients have developed stronger immune system which even kill the cancer cell, with or without above conventional therapy.
NK in the above pictures are only treated with Royal Agaricus®, without any conventional therapy.
Now you know Royal Agaricus®'s powerful effects. Again, Royal Agaricus® has no side effects.

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Pictures Of Breast Cancer, Treated Only By Royal Agaricus®
These pictures were taken in 1995 during the treatment of our patient. She was 72 years old suffering from STAGE 4 (Terminal stage) Breast Cancer. Because of her age and condition, she had only Royal Agaricus® (RA) treatment.
Since the treatment, her breast cancer has not only been stopped growing but also shrunk. You can see the progress by seeing these pictures.

She continued to take Royal Agaricus® after these pictures were taken. The scar looked much better now.

These pictures may contain graphic and mature subject. Viewer's discretion is advised.

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